URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT | Re: Incorrect Pricing for White Edition (Walt Disney)

Hello there,
It seems that the pricing for WHITE EDITION - Disney Series was programmed incorrectly for the first 1.5 hr of our latest launch on March 15 - reflected at $84 instead of $64.
We sincerely apologize for this.

We have since rectified this issue.

We will be doing a refund for the difference in amount for all orders.
For all of you who still placed an order despite the $20 increase in price... thank you

We’re dumbstruck at how y’all still made the purchase??

As a token of immense appreciation, we’ve decided to gift each affected order a “NEVER SEEN BEFORE” musoka tee.

*P.s: please give our team some time to reach out to you.

With so much love,
the musoka team

Lat Affected Order Number: #12937